Interactive Insight Mirror


High Precision Augmented Reality Experience


To prove their commitment to Speed of Innovation®, NuVasive approached us to create a display that could draw crowds to their booth while showcasing solutions for spinal surgery. They wanted a product that seamlessly navigated through their wide array of procedures and devices, letting them define how they stand out from the competition.

Precision and Positioning

Combing technologies to allow for location, mapping, interaction and engament is always challening. A custom low iron glass mirror along with precision glass was developed for this application along with a portable pylon that needed to withstand heavy traffic areas. In additon, all the 3D elementns needed to be tracked with surgical precision and accuracy for this application. The interactive mirror that overlays the user's reflection with a representation of their skeleton, before visualizing the impact of NuVasive's technological advancements.

The mirror maps the user's reflection onto the movements of a human skeleton. Using a time of flight camera (ToF), it was possible to determine the position of the person activating the mirror and alter the location and shape of the skeleton to match. Once the user engages with the mirror, it transforms into an interactive presentation demonstrating the effects of aging on the spine, and the impact that NuVasive's procedures can have on patient recovery. The ToF camera and touch gestures add a level of control to the experience, helping the user to easily understand the applications of NuVasive's product line.