Interacting Environments

HUGE - Centura Health

Live Parallax Immersion Wall


A brand re-launch is always a big deal. So when Centura Health approached HUGE Inc with the idea of planning an interactive activation to convey the new brand guidelines at its annual leadership summit, HUGE reached out to TheIncLab to envision and engineer an ambiance installation with technology capable of interacting, in real time, with hundreds of participants. The concept was to demonstrate that each individual contributes to Centura community impact.

Centura, the leading nonprofit, faith-based organization based in Colorado provides healthcare services through its network of neighborhood and mountain clinics, urgent care and 17 hospitals across Colorado and Kansas. Hence, the brand re-launch was inspired by its mission to provide whole care and nourishment to the communities Centura serves.

Core to the new brand approach was to project Centura as a people brand, welcoming, warm, caring and vibrant, which inspired bold color choices. As such, the new brand portrays people living with passion, action, and purpose in settings across Colorado and Kansas depicting a wholesome lifestyle.

Deconstructed Environments and Live Parallax Effects

The design approach was to build extensive Kansas and Colorado inspired scenes entirely in 3D. The color schema reflecting the new brand guidelines, also delivered a journey through nature stages. For example, Kansas was a summer inspired wheat field, with intense yellows and a flawless horizon, whereas a crisp snowy spruce forest and a runny creek painted a winter and bright white picture. Elements in the background ignited meteorological conditions on the skybox, such as snow, leaves falling, clouds or sunlight time lapse. The middle ground was built with discrete layers of 3D elements to allow for depth and character. The foreground provided detailed elements that moved along with the participants providing a parallax effect to the viewers.

Altogether, the 120 high definition LED tiles built a massive 40 x 8 ft wall. Participants that walked by the installation triggered subtle interaction elements while the scene moved to accommodate the viewers’ angle. Since we had to capture each person, their speed, precise position and interaction individually, we programmed a LiDAR, which was discreetly placed at the base of the LED tiles. LiDAR, uses light in the form of a pulsed laser to measure ranges (variable distances). These light pulses generate precise location of elements in the environment. Since it LiDAR is constantly beaming, the interface was programmed to detect individual motion, interaction and respond, similar to automotive applications like Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), the delivery of interactive content and slows down or speeds up when there is a number of individuals detected and interacting with the platform.

Like the wall, the Centura Health brand launch was a massive success.