Experiential Testing and Rapid Prototyping

It is often said that rapid prototyping is a method used to accelerate the innovation. How fast? At TED Youth 2012, Tom Chi explained how this method was used to create Google Glass. He managed the UX team for the Google X division of Google, and asked the audience how would they prototype a "Minority Report" type of experience and how long it would take to make the first working version of a wearable headset display?

The answer was one day.

Google X team bent a coat hanger to carry a piece of plexiglass on with a little sheet protector using this set-up, within one day they were ready to start having the experience of what it looks like to have digital things overlaid on your physical world, be able to move around with it, and also use the Netbook to try out tons and tons of different ideas around software.

Now, the point he wanted to make is that through the process of rapid prototyping, you are able to learn very quickly and you are able to acquire very specific leanings to answer very specific questions or problems.

When we claim we focus on innovating interactive experiences we apply the basic principles that comes from what humanity already knows and it’s a necessary foundation for all of us, we are explorers.

We are not only fast to conceptualize ideas, we design concepts that integrate with sensors, AV and software, and we build and deploy for experiential testing. We leverage our 20+ capabilities, from design conception, value engineering to metal and plastics molding and 3D printing.

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