Beyond UX, HMI, and BCI, we focus on innovating human centered interaction. It is how people engage and interact with devices and their environment

The rapid-evolving Internet of Things presents unique, complex challenges for design. Starting with prototyping for connected products, from cars (HMI) to devices (UX) to designing for brain controlled interfaces (BCI) and things that incorporate learning. As computational capability and network connectivity extend beyond the screen, into machines, things, surfaces and environments, focusing on experience is crucial. Our approach to Interaction Design is multidisciplinary and environmental. We redefine audience engagements by inventing the most revolutionary interactive interfaces, environments and experiences. We create the optimal mix of technology and environment to ENGAGE with your brand and determine what it takes for your customers to CONNECT in ways that inspire action. Our approach includes live immersive interactive ecosystems, innovative surfaces and hybrid multi-platform interfaces.

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