Aligning Creative Ideas with Vision and Strategy

Our Creative Innovation Matrix process helps organizations innovate, engage with their audiences and deliver solutions. We leverage the system for dynamic ideation process, fast prototyping and experiential testing. The process allows us to align a vision with a the right strategy and design multi-sensory applications to engage, provide insights and transform insights into action. In essence, this is how we make visions real.

Attributes, Strategic Fit and Concept Attractiveness

The Creative Innovation Matrix starts with a discovery process designed to align the creative concepts attributes with strategic fit for the project. First, we work with our clients to understand the essential drivers for the project and the desired outcomes. Once we have a weighed matrix, ideas are evaluated by a multi-disciplinary team of designers, engineers, producers and developers.

  • Strategic Fit: defines the most desired outcomes of the project. Allows us to align ideas with clear strategic objectives. Ranking and weight is imperative.
  • Concept Attractiveness: Allows customers to define specific implementation objectives unique to the project. May define constraints, success factors.
  • Idea Attractiveness: allows for a porous process to harvest the most innovative ideas. Allows customers to also contribute to the process by vetting the implementation concepts.

Scoring and Output Chart

All concepts are benchmarked against creativity, software and design complexity, engineering, cost, supply chain accessibility and innovation impact. The exercise provides an visual output chart where the best ideas are identified.

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